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High School Equivalency HiSET

HiSET Academy


HiSET® and GED® Exams give adult learners the best opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge to earn a high school equivalency certificate as an alternative to a high school diploma.  Students passing all tests of either exam receive a state-issued California High School  Equivalency Certificate, which meets the diploma requirements of most employers, trade schools and colleges.
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Test Services

Manteca Adult School is a HiSET® Test Center

The HiSET® consists of five individual tests: Language Arts-Reading, Language Arts-Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.    We currently offer paper-delivered tests as well as computer-delivered format.  HiSET® tests are available in  English and Spanish. Requests for tests in Spanish must be made when registering on-line for HiSET®  prior to exam day.

Test Accommodations

Reasonable and appropriate accommodations are provided for individuals with documented disabilities.  All test-takers requesting accommodation must register by mail through the ETS Disability Services using the Testing     Accommodations Request Form and have their accommodations approved before their test(s) can be scheduled. Full information is available from HiSET®.  Go on their website or email

Test Security:

Candidates must provide a valid photo ID (Driver’s License, DMV California ID, passport or Military ID) at the testing center.  The ID must be original, bear the test taker’s full name and meet California ID requirements. Please click the link for more specific information. California HiSET Requirements (For Test Takers) (

Test Dates:

Specific dates are available from the office as well as the HiSET® Registration site. Seating for each test session is limited and pre-registration through the HiSET®  website is required. To register for the HiSET® Test please go to  

Equivalency Preparation

Prepare to pass the High School Equivalency HiSET®. Our new curriculum is specifically designed for the HiSET® test. We have had great success with our students passing their tests. Initial assessments and periodic practice tests help students monitor their progress and readiness for HiSET® Exams. Preparation workbooks are available for sale. Students who attend classes regularly and demonstrate their readiness to pass the HiSET® exam can apply for scholarship vouchers. Students need to be fluent in English or Advanced ESL level. Morning & Evening Classes

Teacher-Led Instruction

Students attend a class that meets on a regular basis. Each class session is led by the teacher who provides instruction and engaging activities that help students learn and practice concepts and applications. These classes offer learners the opportunity to interact with peers and the teacher on a regular basis. Classes are generally two or four days a week.

Self-Paced Computer-Assisted Learning

Students attend regularly scheduled classes and utilize on-line computer-assisted curriculum with teacher assistance and tutoring. Students proceed at their own pace but have the advantage of immediate feedback and assistance, which helps students make regular progress.