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Career Technical Education

CAREER TECHNICAL EDUCATION (CTE) For times, cost and locations of classes available this session please see call Manteca Adult School at 209.858.7330.

See the below videos and descriptions about our classes!

Electricity Fundamentals


Electricity Fundamentals Class

Electricity Fundamentals- Module 1  This Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA) certification course will introduce the student to the fundamentals of Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC) electricity. The concepts covered are as follows: circuit components, input devices, output devices, voltage measurement, series and parallel circuits, current and resistance measurement, circuit analysis, power in series and parallel circuits, circuit protection devices, electro-magnetism, inductance and capacitance, lighting circuits, voltage dividers, transformers, and troubleshooting. The course utilizes 50% online course material led by instructor and 50% hands on applications using state of the art Amatrol training devices. The course will prepare the student to successfully pass the 201 Electrical Systems 1 SACA Certification.

Electrical Relay Controls / Programmable Logic Control (PLC)- Module 2  This Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA) certification course will introduce the student to the fundamentals of Electric Relay Controls. The electric relay concepts covered are as follows: logic elements, ladder diagrams, electro-pneumatic solenoid control valves, relay operation, relay applications, limit switch operation, time-delay relays, multiple cylinder control, and machine modes of operation. PLC concepts include:  elements of programmable controllers, programming software, PLC program execution, PLC addressing, basic PLC programs, editing and documentation, controlling discreet outputs, seal-in program logic, safety interlocks, event sequencing, continuous cycle logic, and multi-actuator sequencing. The course utilizes 50% online course material led by instructor and 50% hands on applications using state of the art Amatrol training devices. The course will prepare the student to successfully pass the 205 Sensor Logic Systems 1 SACA Certification.

Electrical Wiring- Module 3  This Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA) certification course will introduce the student to the fundamentals of electrical wiring. The concepts covered are as follows: electrical print reading, electrical panels, panel wiring, sizing disconnects and overcurrent devices, grounding control systems, internal panel wiring, wiring be-tween panels, wire bundling, wiring a motor, introduction to pneumatics, electro-pneumatic controls, pneumatic schematics, and electro-pneumatic systems installation. The course utilizes 50% online course material led by instructor and 50% hands on applications using state of the art Amatrol training devices. The course will prepare the student to successfully pass the 206 Electrical System Installation 1 SACA Certification. 

Module 1(18 hrs):  AC/DA (210 Electrical Systems SACA Certification

Module 2(15 hrs):  Electric Relays Controls/Programmable Logic Control (205 Sensor Logic Systems 1 SACA Certification)

Module 3(9 hrs):    Electrical Wiring (206 Electrical System Installation 1 SACA Certification)

Forklift Safety Certification Series

Forklift Safety Certification Series

This 3-week, 75-hour course will provide the learner with theoretical training and extensive hands-on training in counterbalance sit down forklift, counterbalance stand up forklift, vertical mast lift “cherry picker” and electric pallet jack. Our course will provide practical hands-on training to ready you for industrial application. All students will understand and perform pre-inspection walk arounds, physically operate and maneuver each piece of equipment through basic and challenging obstacles. Based on Ives forklift safety curriculum the student will receive an overview of warehouse equipment in the workplace on four different pieces of equipment. The concepts covered are Federal and State rules, types of equipment, main parts of each piece of equipment, safe operation, and fuel types. In addition, If student passes the theoretical test with a score of 70% or better, they will receive their theoretical certification which can be used by any employer. With our course you will be more then confident to pass the “on-site hands-on” test your new employer is required to administer. Must be 18 years old to attend course. A driver’s license is not a requirement to run a forklift. Course will include OSHA-10 training two-day course that will be held at a later date.

  • Sit-Down Forklift
  • Stand-Up Forklift
  • Electric Pallet Jack
  • Vertical Mast Lift (cherry picker)
  • OSHA-10


Open Shop/Welding



Welding – Pick one of the following each semester 

Shop Projects

This class takes the foundational skills learned in introduction to MIG Welding and gives the students predetermined projects that will challenge them to create and fabricate using the MIG welding process. Students will find that their welding dramatically improves once a substantial project is presented. Skills that will be emphasized include blueprint reading, accurate measurement and cutting, welding machine settings and metal finishing techniques. Those students who have successfully completed CNC plasma cutting may utilize their skills using more advance machinery.  

Basic Welding

This instructional program prepares individuals to use both gas welding and any combination of arc welding processes to weld metal parts and plan and lay out materials as specified by diagrams, blue-prints, or written specifications. It prepares individuals to fabricate and assemble a variety of products and includes instruction in layout; the sequence of design; the construction of templates and fixtures; and the positioning, aligning, fitting, and welding of parts. 

Chopper Build/Motorcycle Technology

This course is designed to teach the student a brief history and development of the Vintage American motorcycle. They will use their knowledge and experience to collaboratively design and build a custom motorcycle. Students will be shown the methods and techniques of
hand designing, fabricating, and bending up a ridged motorcycle frame to be welded up in a professional frame jig. This course offers an introduction to career opportunities in the field of custom fabrication. Additionally, skills taught in this course will directly apply to such industries as Race Fabrication and Off-Road fabrication. 

Metal Shaping

The metalworking process of fashioning metal parts and objects through mechanical or manual deformation; the workpiece is reshaped without adding or removing material, and its mass remains unchanged. Forming operates on the materials science principle of plastic deformation, where the physical shape of a material is permanently deformed. Metal Shaping is a valued skill in industries such as Aerospace, Automotive Restoration, Coachbuilding, and Art. 

Students will learn to use the English Wheel, Bossing Stump and Hammer, Planishing Hammer, Hammer and Dolly, Bead Roller, Shrinking Tuck Forks and a Torch to form a bowl, motorcycle fender and a motorcycle gas tank. Each project further develops advanced skills in the craft of Metal Shaping.   

Structural Welding

Prerequisites:  Basic Welding

This class is designed for those wishing to learn to weld structural steel.  The class will be based on the AWS D1.1 code standard for welding structural steel and focus on the “pre-qualified” welding processes (Stick, flux core, and spray-arc MIG). This class will help prepare students for certification testing in these processes.  Class topics will range from machine types and setup and welding in all position, to visual weld inspection.          

Industrial Applications (Flux Core, Dual Shield, Stick, Axial Spray, Transfer MIG)

Welder Performance Qualification Tests

  • By Appointment Only*additional fee required for each level of test
  • Open to all Welding Classes
  • AWS Limited Thickness
    • 1/8 “-3/4” Qualification
    • 3 hrs of Instructor Time
  • AWS Unlimited 
    • 1/8” and thicker qualification
    • 6 hrs of Instructor Time

ParaProfessional Testing-Most Mondays. Come in to sign up, pay a fee to get the study guide. 

Computer Classes

Computers 101

This class is designed for users new to the use of computers. The course will explore the many facets of computer usage in the workplace as well as the intricacies of social media and current technology. This course will prepare students to advance to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel courses.  Textbook required.    

Introduction to Computers for Beginners – IC3 Spark

Prerequisite:  Computers 101

The need for basic computer skills is an issue that is becoming increasingly more relevant to everyone.  IC3 Spark delivers a viable solution for helping beginners old and young to learn and adopt critical skills that will be necessary for their success in a world where technology is constantly changing. As the first step in digital literacy, IC3 Spark is the ideal solution for helping students ignite a passion for technology and for helping them create a brighter future. Class price includes all materials, practice tests, and certification exam voucher.    

Computer Tech for Intermediate-IC3 GS5

Prerequisite:  Computers 101

The IC3 Digital Literacy certification is a credential that is designed to remain relevant in an ever-evolving world of technology. With a focus on the most critical elements that drive technology today, IC3 Global Standard 5 (GS5) delivers a comprehensive solution for learning how to succeed in any environment that requires the use of computers, devices, or the Internet. Best of all, because IC3 GS5 includes concepts and skills that apply to almost any school or career pathway, it’s the ideal solution for any student or jobseeker looking to enhance or validate their digital skills.  Class price includes all materials, practice tests, certification exam voucher.    

QuickBooks Online Certification

Prerequisite:  Computers 101

Intuit® QuickBooks, the industry leader in managerial accounting software for entrepreneurs and small business, provides an easy-to-understand platform for students to grasp accounting concepts while honing skills in the most prevalent bookkeeping application in small business today. Students can validate their QuickBooks knowledge by becoming an Intuit QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU).    

Microsoft Word/Excel

Prerequisite:  Computers 101

Learn how to navigate and use Microsoft Word/Excel. This is a lab course designed to allow learners to move through sequential, beginning to advanced, Microsoft Word and Excel lessons at their own pace with instructor support. Lessons cover introductory and intermediate word processing skills making the class ideal for the beginning or mid-beginning Word/Excel users. Class will meet once a week for mini lessons and teacher guidance. Students will proceed on their own between class sessions and learn to modify text, create bulleted lists, use control tabs; insert and use tables, text, and graphics, and create newsletter columns.  Use your skills to create a resume and attractive business documents. Textbook & USB drive required.     

Keyboard Basics

Learn basic keyboarding and enhance your computer proficiency. Course includes timed typing tests required by some employers.  

Spanish Classes

Spanish for the Workplace

Learn the building blocks of Spanish and garner the ability to read, write and speak to native speakers in your professional life and beyond.     

Conversational Spanish for the Workplace

 This class is designed for native English speakers to learn conversational Spanish to better communicate in the workplace.